The Shallow Nature Of The Mass Media

The shallow nature of the mass media was on full display recently when the Hobart Mercury (owned by multinational mogul Rupert Murdoch) used the brutal murder of a young Asian student to sell papers with screaming headlines about how ‘racism’ is thriving in Tasmania.

Not one single shred of evidence exists to suggest that this senseless crime was racially motivated, yet because the victim was Asian, the Mercury has branded it as a manifestation of ‘racism’. Isn’t that in itself a form of racism?

Like a pathetic echo of the recent ‘racism’ furore on the Australian mainland, where robberies and assaults against Indian students were distorted and made to appear as racist attacks, the mass media has latched parasite-like onto the sufferings of crime victims to sell more newspapers.

Not to be outdone, the Marxoids of Green Left Weekly have also clamoured to exploit these crimes as ‘evidence’ of white Australian racism. Funny how the capitalists and leftists so often march hand in hand these days, isn’t it?

As even one Asian student noted on the Mercury’s website: “A little common sense goes a long way. Being pelted with eggs, bottles etc. is not something that just happens to Asians. It has happened to Australians…”

And it still does happen.

Unlike the self-loathing whites of the extreme left (hey, just how many non-whites have you seen selling the Green Left Weekly?) or the latté-sipping punditocracy, this Asian student sees things more clearly.

Hobart is not a safe city after dark, and neither are most other Western cities these days. Capitalist economics have combined with left-wing social values to produce a nihilistic society where people care about little besides money, sex, food, and a mindless evening in front of the idiot box.

Is it any wonder that youths form gangs to rob and assault people?

The solution lies in placing more emphasis on local communites (and less on centralised government) and, more importantly, in rejecting the plastic ‘culture’ of this decaying, nihilistic society, and replacing it with something better, something grander and more noble…


1 Response to “The Shallow Nature Of The Mass Media”

  1. 1 james cameron
    August 7, 2009 at 2:23 am

    While the shallow nature of the media is a concern, what is more concerning is the shallow nature of the general public, which is the real problem. If it wasn’t for this papers like the Mercury and capitalism, perhaps, would not exist.

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