How to Deflect a Taser Attack

According to a source on the internet, a taser attack can be deflected simply by “shorting out the dart probes. A simple body armour can be nothing but a piece of tin foil worn under the clothes. That would short out the electrical currents even if the darts pierce through it.

“Two or three layers of the foil would even be better if the dart probes pierced it and would provide small holes so the taser electrical arcs would short out more and faster. Even a piece of cardboard or heavy cloth wrapped in tin foil would do the trick.”

This knowledge could come in handy for activists who believe they may be at risk of police taser attack.


1 Response to “How to Deflect a Taser Attack”

  1. August 19, 2009 at 3:45 am

    This would work but you have to keep in mind that this will short out the taser weapon which could fry it and possibly injure the officer holding it. If apprehended you could get billed for the taser, they run anywhere from $500 to $2,000 USD. You would likely get charged with destruction of government property and injuring the cop (or intending to). Not that I would discourage anyone from this, I just wouldn’t want to see anyone going into a situation without considering the possible consequences.

    A simple vest made out of a thin FIRE RESISTANT carpet or rug will shield you from a taser without damaging the weapon. Carpet armor can be worn under most loose fitting clothes and can be totally concealed by the black hooded sweatshirt. Cops are trained to aim for center mass (your torso) so I wouldn’t worry too much about sleeves. A flight or leather jacket would usually protect you from a taser but cops know this and so if you’re wearing one, they will just aim for another spot. You can also cut out and sew patches of carpet into your protest clothes to soften the impact of a police baton or asp. Above the elbows, outside of the knees and the collarbone are their most commonly targeted spots.

    If you are hit with a taser and manage to get away, treat it like any electrical injury. Get hydrated and treat the injured area with burn cream. If you get away with the taser’s barbs still in you, have someone else remove them, the area immediately around the entry point is likely to be numb and you may not be able to feel the amount of damage you’re doing to yourself by ripping them out. Promptly clean and bandage the wound once the barbs are removed. If a girl gets tasered it’s recommended that she get a pregnancy test and if she is pregnant she needs to see an ob/gyn and inform them of the situation asap.

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