Tasmanian Anarchists Say ‘Fuck Off’ to Water Privatisation

Cold water has always been free in Tassie, unlike mainland Australia where people are billed for it. But that is no longer to be the case…

Instead, a private corporation will control one of the vital necessities of life.

Advocates of water privatisation claim that a public-owned water infrastructure causes wastage. But this argument has no validity in Tasmania, with 12% of Australia’s rainfall and more than enough fresh water to supply the island’s half a million people with all their needs.

All it requires is a few simple pipelines, which can easily be paid for with, say, the money the Liberal Party is proposing to waste on turning the Midland highway into a four lane expressway.

Water privatisation in other parts of the world has even involved outlawing people’s rights to collect rain water! Such a law will no doubt be introduced in Tasmania further down the track.

In Uruguay, a referendum was held on water privatisation in 2004, and it was banned as a result. This is unlikely to happen in Tasmania, however, as our state political structure is too corrupt to allow it.

In Bolivia water privatisation was met by riots known as the ‘Cochabamba Water Wars’. This too is unlikely to happen in Tasmania because the population is more sedate, seemingly kept in a trance by their televisions and consumer trinkets.

Tasmania’s National-Anarchists staunchly oppose the privatisation of OUR water – the water of the people of Tasmania. We will be keeping a very close eye on these disturbing developments.

More news as it comes to hand…


1 Response to “Tasmanian Anarchists Say ‘Fuck Off’ to Water Privatisation”

  1. August 19, 2009 at 4:26 am

    Water privatization is the despot’s attempt to return to the primordial tyranny. The World Bank and IMF are forcing developing countries to sign over their water rights to private trans-globals as a prerequisite to receiving any aid. There is a big citizens backlash in South America not just in Bolivia but Peru and other countries too. There’s a bunch of great books on the subject, I recommend Water Wars and Blue Gold.

    A good site for activists is:

    A good online news source on the subject is:

    Keep in mind that this is nothing new, in The Rig Veda there is the story of the Dragon-Tyrant Vritra who hoarded the world’s waters. Vritra eventually got his heads bashed in by the great, illustrious, Aryan hero Indra who freed the worlds waters.

    Nothing new under the sun…

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