Regionalism vs. the World State

On first read, this article from the Brussels Journal seems ominous:


The Lisbon Treaty, with its incorporation of most European countries into a vast superstate, is another chapter in the push by globalist elites to homogenise the entire world.

The ‘Asian Union’ which Kevin Rudd has been trumpeting represents another step on the same path. Although it’s still a long way off (Asian countries, being more varied in political and economic structure, are harder to integrate than European ones) it is still definitely on the cards. So too is an African Union, a North American Union etc. Eventually, all these continental ‘unions’ will be ‘harmonised’ into a truly global state. At least if the corporate elites are allowed to have their way…

National-Anarchists, like all sane people, view these developments with horror and contempt. Aside from the destruction of the world’s cultures and folkways that globalism represents, it is also a surefire recipe for tyranny. A world state could only be controlled by means of outright despotism.

If we want to avoid a future like that, then we must fight now.

The good news is that the system’s own overreach is already starting to work against it. In Europe, for instance, there is a clear development towards regionalism. People are rediscovering their ancestral cultures like never before, including regional cultures that existed long before the rise of the centralised nation state.

In Belgium itself (where the EU capital Brussels is located), there are signs that the artificially-created country could soon break down into its component regions of Flanders and Wallonia.

The regionalist movement is still small, largely manifested in pagan spiritual circles, in neo-folk and black metal music, and in certain growing political movements (such as National-Anarchism). But the regionalist tendency will doubtless continue to thrive as the EU sinks its bureaucratic tentacles further into people’s private lives and cultural spheres.

May a thousand flowers bloom…


5 Responses to “Regionalism vs. the World State”

  1. November 13, 2009 at 12:18 pm

    The world will become an integrated global village that will fight war no more because to do so would not be productive and it would not be necessary because their will be enough of material wealth to go around and satisfy all the basic needs of all the people everywhere.
    Science will rule, and nations and religions will fall to the wayside and no longer divide earthlings from one another.
    Bigotry born out of tribalism will be a thing of the past and all ignorance promoted by ambitious opportunists that profit by exploiting the simple minded non thinking bigots of the world will become no longer possible inside an environment of social consciousness and world cooperation.
    A world planned economy that is designed by social scientists to profit all of the people in the world without discrimination will replace the outmoded market economy that was designed to only profit selfish individual capitalist owners. The capitalist owners of the means of production will no longer be allowed to exploit the world population of those that work for a living.
    I know that all of what I have written here will come to be, because it is the only thing that can come to be.

    • 2 Heathen Anarchist
      November 14, 2009 at 1:53 am

      It’s depressing to think that there are people that think this would be a positive thing, to have such a soulless and totalitarian world based on materialism.

      There are more alternatives to the current system, such as national-anarchism, perhaps you should look into these things before dismissing it all, and suggesting that a totalitarian world state is the answer to the current problems.

      There is more to life than what science can explain. Stop preaching, you dogmatic atheist twat.

  2. 3 Andreas Faust
    November 14, 2009 at 8:19 am

    It amazes me when I come across people like ‘despicable’, above, who believe that totalitarianism is a good thing because it will “end all the wars” or something similar. It really beggars belief that someone can be that stunted in their soul…

    Equating tribalism with ‘bigotry’ is an indication of how small this author’s mind really is. He/she can’t envisage any form of tribalism/nationalism which goes beyond his/her fear of the Other. ‘Despicable’ is so afraid of the concept of the Other that he/she wishes to destroy all of the earth’s unique cultures to stamp that Other out, permanently.

    The most telling comment: “I know that all of what I have written here will come to be, because it is the only thing that can come to be.” Hilarious! Shades of Marx’s “scientific materialism” here.

    Alex Kurtagic’s words spring to mind:

    “For utopian liberals equality is the ultimate goal, the key to happiness and human progress. If the price is the destruction of genius, the suppression of individuality, and the irrecoverable loss of beauty, so be it.

    “It is monstrous, perverse, insane. Yet they are absolutely determined to realize their vision…”

    Yes, Alex…but it’s up to us to stop them!

  3. November 15, 2009 at 10:21 am

    You narrow minded nationalists are so backward in your thinking that you are blind to what is moving forward and what is moving backward in the history of mankind and in the evolution of matter in motion!
    Like they say, “YOU CAN’T STOP PROGRESS,” ..That being an observable fact, it is only ignorance and fear that is representative of those on the “Right Wing” of the political spectrum that causes those “Right Wing Reactionaries” to be no longer relevant, …and to fear and hate progress.
    It is a part of the “Evolutionary Process” for everything in our universe to change and adapt in a manner that would allow all forms of matter and all that reflects all forms of matter to make necessary adjustments so that it could survive, thrive grow and mature in an ever changing environment, an environment that moves in stages from a simple beginning to more complex stage. Everything has a life span and when it is necessary for that which has grown old and weak and no longer useful it is natural for that form of live matter to die and be replaced by something that is new and is it’s diametric opposite. An opposite that is stronger, more relevant, more in tune with the circumstances, situations and conditions that prevail at that particular point in time.
    Those that hold on to the theory that “Individual Competition” is more important and better than, “Social Cooperation” are acting blindly because they are ignoring the context.
    Under the conditions of scarcity of that which is necessary to survive and thrive, all living things will, because out of necessity, become a competitor for that which is scarce and therefor valuable.
    To get what is scarce and what is needed before that what is scarce is all grabbed up by the competition and you are wanting and not getting, is the kind of environment that exists inside of a competitive society This competition exists because of material scarcity. “The Human Nature” of individuals living under the conditions of scarcity will act in an aggressive and desperate manner to get what is scarce for themselves.
    Because of scarcity and competition, “STATUS” will go to those that accumulate for themselves the most of that which is valuable, because it is scarce.
    The “HUMAN NATURE” of those that live under the conditions of “Material Abundance,” will act in a “Cooperative” manner because the need to compete will not be necessary because there will be enough of what is needed to satisfy everyone and no one will go wanting.
    Status under these conditions will be arrived at by what you do for others, the opposite of what you can do for yourselves under a competitive condition.
    It is new and advanced “Technological and Scientific” development that will make it possible to produce an abundant material society that will change the nature of the people within that society, and will change the nature of that cooperative social society.
    It has been said that when people living under conditions where they receive from each according to their ability and to each according to their need, that in time a new type of human being will be born. It will be a “Social Scientific Being” that will need no one to force that type of person to be social. He or she will have no need to have a leader or government agency tell them what they should or should not do. They will become their own leader and understand scientifically the world environment and how to advance the interests of the world environment and the interests of the individuals within that world environment. It has been said that under this condition of harmony between people and environment that the need, for written laws police, soldiers, and courts, will no longer be needed and that the state apparatus will wither away. That in place of government and their apparatus you will have an administration of things, not an administration of people.


  4. 5 tasna
    November 15, 2009 at 11:24 am

    Hi fruitcake,

    If you actually read our site properly you would realise we aren’t ‘right wing’, nor ‘left wing’ either. You need both wings to fly.

    It is WE who are the progressives, not you. It is we who are evolutionary and revolutionary, while you are just a brainwashed automaton who blindly believes the propaganda of the system.

    We believe in true diversity (“let a thousand flowers bloom”), while you want everyone and everything to be the same. One world, one government…yawn. You’re a nihilist, like all extreme leftists. Your longing for perfect equality is really just a longing for death, because only in death are all equal. And maybe not even then…

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