We Counter the Misinformation of the ‘AntiFa’

Recently a representative from a Tasmanian anti-forestry group demanded that a link to their group be removed from our website, because she had heard that we were ‘racists’. This group (whose work we respect) had unfortunately fallen for lies and misinformation which came from the state-funded ‘AntiFa’. We set them straight, and our reply is probably worth reprinting:

Dear ___,
You clearly know little about National-Anarchism if you believe it is ‘racist’. N-A supports the creation of VOLUNTARY separatist communities, which can be organised either on ethnic or other grounds (for instance, it would be perfectly possible to have a homosexual N-A community, as well as an Aboriginal N-A community etc.). In addition, we support the existence of MULTI-racial communities, for those few people who wish to live in them.

We believe the best way to combat internationalist capitalism is by promoting as much separatism as possible, by abolishing the State, and by taking everything to the local community level. You may disagree with our approach, but to call our position ‘racist’ is complete horseshit. We support all peoples who wish to preserve their cultural heritage in the face of globalist imperialism, whether Tibetan, Anglo-Saxon, Aboriginal, or whatever. 

The myth that we are ‘white supremacists’ comes from government-funded groups like so-called ‘antifa’, whose main purpose is to turn anti-system activists against other anti-system activists. It’s saddening that you have bought into it, without even bothering to ask Tasna what our views are.

I also find it a bit puzzling that you would ask a website to remove a link to your organisation, just because you disagree with some of their views (and what precisely on our website do you disagree with, incidentally?). Our blog (which is still in its infancy) is viewed by a variety of people, from leftists to nationalists, many of whom haven’t come into contact with groups like yours before. Some of them may be valuable future fighters for the anti-forestry cause. But you seem to find it less important to promote that cause, than to adhere to the dogmatic tenets of PC internationalism! 

Incidentally, why do you want to preserve the earth’s unique ecosystems but not also its unique human nations and tribes?

No, we’re not going to remove the link. We will continue to promote your group in the future, if we find their activities at all noteworthy. Our blog has been quiet recently, but many new articles are coming up, including an important one on environmentalism which should appear in the next few weeks. I’ll contact you when it’s up, to see what you think.

Despite your misguided hostility towards us, we believe you are doing valuable work in helping to protect Tassie’s ancient forests, so keep it up.

It’s just a shame you bought into the lies of the ‘antifa’, without even contacting us about it first.

Yours sincerely,



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