The invasive new bus ticket system that claims to be “green”

As with Victoria, the Tasmanian Government has suddenly decided that a bus ticketing system that worked fine had to be replaced with ‘new and improved’ technology – to the benefit of the corporations that make the technology, and the detriment of people that use the buses.

With the previous system it was easy enough to just go into a shop, hand over cash and get a 10-trip, weekly or monthly ticket. Now, in order to have prepaid tickets, people must give their names, addresses, dates of birth, concession or student card numbers, and sign a waiver form permitting the bus company to acquire information about them from the government.

Some would apathetically argue “I’ve got nothing to hide” when asked whether they mind the Government potentially having access to a record of their public transport habits, but this is hardly the point. We shouldn’t have to forfeit liberty or anonymity in order to get on the bus.

And how ‘green’ really is the greencard?

Mr Sturges said he was pleased to note that Metro had decided to name the card Greencard.

“There is no question that public transport can play a role in reducing Greenhouse gas emissions, and Metro is working hard to achieve this,” he said.

On the bus routes we have lived on in the past few years, we haven’t noticed any changes that would encourage people to get the bus instead of using cars. Instead, we have noticed cutbacks on services. Metro buses run on diesel and could easily be converted to use biodiesel, but of course we can’t expect to see real changes like this being made, only shiny new buses that meet vague and irrelevant “emissions targets”, and hot air being blown by politicians about “climate change”.

And what’s with the surveillance cameras? Surveillance cameras don’t make people feel safe. Left-wing magistrates (are there any other kind these days?) take a dim view of self-defensive violence, and often the defender will be charged with a crime, while the attacker’s behaviour is excused due to a ‘troubled’ background…

The final word from Tasmanian National-Anarchists: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


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