Thin Santa

Everyone knows the stereotype of the person who is ‘politically correct’ – officious, a killjoy, concerned with matters of minute dogma – especially those concerning ‘correct’ use of language (Orwell’s 1984 with its invented PC language ‘Newspeak’ was way ahead of its time in terms of satire).

But while much ink has been spilled on how PC originated with the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, a simpler clue to the motivation of PC types (who are actually very few in number) may lie in this recent article from a science website:


Dr. Nathan Grills from Monash University believes that Santa Claus should be portrayed only on an exercise treadmill, and not as the jolly fat fellow we all know from childhood – because “Santa only needs to affect health by 0.1% to damage millions of lives”.

While we here at Tasna think that physical fitness is an admirable thing, we also think it’s ludicrous that a folk myth should be destroyed due to the vague possibility it could cause a tiny fragment of the population to overeat (and did anyone force them to?).

PC originates in precisely this mentality. By destroying the organic and irrational, PC types think they can ‘save’ people from harm, just like fundamentalists think they can ‘save’ people’s souls by converting them to their own brand of religion.

But what Dr. Grills fails to realise is that the ordinary person despises this kind of social engineering. If Santa went PC, then many people would overeat as a form of protest – vastly outnumbering those who were ‘saved’ by Grills’ propaganda.


1 Response to “Thin Santa”

  1. 1 Thom
    January 11, 2010 at 2:05 am

    Apparently Grills has now backed down, and claimed his report was “only partly serious.” But Grills hasn’t been the only ‘thin Santa’ advocate over the years, see this piece for instance:


    It’s all very funny, and as you say, this kind of PC crap usually backfires because most people resent social engineering.

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