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Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd is a radical environmental organisation that will be known to many of our readers. Even those who disagree with Sea Shepherd’s aims must respect their courage and tenacity in putting their ideas into practice.

Sea Shepherd have a reputation as a pirate organisation, with a skull and crossbones type symbol as their logo. However, they have also been described as a vigilante group (i.e. operating as law enforcers – the exact opposite of pirates). So perhaps their skull logo is more a matter of aesthetics than anything?

Sea Shepherd’s best known ship is named after Steve Irwin, the ‘Crocodile Hunter’, and Irwin was going to join Sea Shepherd for an expedition before his untimely death. He donated considerable sums of money to the group.

For more info on Sea Shepherd please visit their website:

Sea Shepherd’s Australian branch has a website also:


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