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New book on Odinism available now

Our friend Osred has written a book on Odinism. It is available to order direct from the publisher now.

Essentially, after death each soul experiences whatever is required in order for it to proceed to a higher level.

Odinism impels us on the upward path to the next stage of our spiritual and physical progress. Not everyone is capable of accepting this challenge, but those of us who are not afraid of change should read this book. 

Osred follows in the tradition of earlier Australian Odinist leaders, pioneers and artists such as Rud Mills, Evelyn Price, Annie Lennon, Norman Lindsay, Kenneth Slessor and Rayner Hoff, as he now relates the eternal Odinist quest of our people to the 21st century. 

The front cover image is of the ‘Double Helix’ nebula at the heart of the Milky Way, which resembles the shape of our basic genetic replicating mechanism. This nebula was discovered in 2006, and it is unique – all other nebulae are either spiral or formless. This one shows the highest degree of order yet discovered in space, and therefore reflects the will to perfection of the timeless gods and goddesses of our Indo-European people.


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