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A great year for the Northern Folkway

By Baz Bardoe

Anyone who has studied archaeology or anthropology over the last few decades would be familiar with the politically motivated version of human evolution which we are told is the only acceptable explanation of who we are and how we got here.

According to this version of events we are all descended from a bloke who lived in Africa about one million years ago. (Of course he wasn’t a ‘bloke’ in any sense we could now understand the term. He was a proto human and wouldn’t have looked in the least like Denzel Washington, or Nelson Mandela, or in fact anyone we might now tend to think of as being uniquely ‘African’.) This distant ancestor supposedly had plenty of children and over a period of thousands of years these early pre humans spread out of Africa, and across the rest of the world, gradually turning into the different racial groups we see today, albeit all of the same modern human type. About five thousand years ago complex socialisation started to emerge in the ‘Fertile Crescent’, and from there ‘civilisation’ spread to the rest of the world. Us Northerners were always presented as being backward throwbacks on the periphery of civilisation, who didn’t really do much until a few hundred years ago when we built a vast navy, conquered almost the entire world, and set about inventing almost every modern technological widget imaginable from concrete to televisions, anaesthetic to jet engines. Late bloomers in the context of civilisation if you like.

Anthropologists tend to pride themselves on not being racist or political in their observations, but when it comes to anything about Nordish people, that rule goes right out the window. The explanation for the origin of Nordish peoples was that we are ‘mutants’ who popped up a mere eight thousand years ago as a result of Afroid people not getting enough UV. The fact that this flies in the face of all the evidence says a great deal about the success of the Left’s ‘long march through the Universities’ in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Enemy number one was the then dominant Anglo paradigm, and nothing would stand in the way of demolishing it, including facts.

Over the last few years however we have seen some pretty significant finds that are causing some gnashing of teeth amongst the baby boomer socialists, and a sigh of relief from anyone genuinely interested in anthropology, archaeology and all that sort of thing. Nordish mummies dating back at least 8000 years have been found throughout Western China, and their clothing and personal effects provides tantalising circumstantial evidence about the true origins of that nation’s complex socialisation. Nordish DNA is also found in the male upper caste Indians, suggesting a small band of males lent their DNA to the region. (The fact that India now has a caste system and the Norse also had a caste system, albeit a ‘meritocracy’, is also a tantalising piece of the puzzle.) More recently the remains of early ‘Aryan’ civilisation have been found in the Ukraine, complete with plenty of swastikas daubed on the walls, and proto runic scripts. (Relax people, the swastika is an ancient holy symbol….) All across Germany ‘observatory’ sites have been found dating back at least 8000 years. Archaeo-genetics now shows us that over 80% of the population of the UK are descended from the same few hundred ancestors who travelled to that land on foot some 13,000 years ago, making the British one of the world’s oldest indigenous peoples – a remarkable feat considering the subsequent cultural overlays.
Fossil evidence also now indicates that as recently as 30,000 years ago there was at least three quite different modern human types, and that the people now occupying Africa may well have remigrated there. It paints a picture of human evolvement that is more complex than previously admitted, and in terms of Nordish anthropology, vastly more ancient.

A look at the basics of how Nordish physical characteristics are passed on also supports this. Blue eyes are a ‘recessive’ gene for example. Two blue eyed people must have a blue eyed child, but if a blue eyed person has a child with a brown eyed person, that child will always be brown eyed unless the brown eyed person is carrying a blue eyed recessive gene. If this popped up just 8000 years ago as a one off genetic ‘mutation’, how is it that homogenous blue eyed communities exist, and how could they have come into being in such a (relatively) short space of time? The current ‘explanation’ suggests that a one off mutation almost instantly resulted in a large amount of similar, culturally homogenous people, even though their genetics are recessive. It doesn’t make sense. A longer period of time and a strict exclusion of non recessive genetics is the only explanation. Quite how this all happened may never be known. Some have suggested selective breeding which is certainly not unknown in the ancient world.

Why is all this important? For most people it isn’t but for anthropologists and their ilk, the pursuit of truth is supposed to be at the core of our discipline. And for those who follow the Northern Folkway, there is a belief that we carry the ancestral consciousness of our people within us. Anthropologists may call it ‘cultural DNA” and indigenous peoples may refer to the spirits of the ancestors and the sacred connection between the present and the past. But for us, the past is carried within us. What our ancestors did, what they achieved, and the antiquity of the cultural and spiritual aspects of the Folkway are important truths that need to be recognised. For a long time now there has been a double standard in place. We are encouraged to respect all other indigenous cultures and to delve into their antiquity with objectivity, but when it comes to my own… has been politicised and treated very poorly. Ultimately it is simply about unravelling layers of truth and attempting to gain greater understanding of our origins and place in the world.

Many Nordish peoples now find themselves on a path of cultural and spiritual rediscovery, and some refer to this as ‘Odinism’ or ‘Asatru’. We find the remnants of the ‘old’ Gods under the Christian overlay which has existed for a millennia, but long before the Iron Age pantheon there was an even more ancient strand of culture and belief that continues to this day and shows itself in myriad customs, values and traditions. Long before the Iron Age Gods, there were other, more primal Gods who have existed in the consciousness of the Nordish people for millennia. Stories of a ‘war’ between the Asa and Vanir Gods point to an overlay of the Iron Age pantheon over something vastly more ancient. 8000 and more years ago the ancestors painted the holy symbol of the sun, the swastika on walls, and no doubt placed evergreen foliage around their dwellings as a symbolic invocation of the forces of spring and renewal, so yearned for in midwinter. At this time of year especially it is worth pondering how Nordish ‘mutants’ have been doing very similar things for thousands of years.

The origins of the Northern Folkway lie somewhere in the vast expanses of time between 8000 and 40,000 years ago. Incredibly, much of what was done thousands of years ago, is still being done today. And if evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller is correct, our brains are still much the same, and we process things in much the same manner. Mobile phones may be new, but our ‘worldview’ if you like, hasn’t changed that much.

This was at the core of my decision to establish Ull’s Hearth, in an attempt to pass on the smatterings of knowledge I have inherited, and form a focus for a greater sense of antiquity than often presently exists. Rune warriors, a merit based caste system, the two main warrior cults, and our system of shamanism all stem from the stone age. Archaeology is starting to reveal more and more of what a handful have been teaching all along. Overall it’s been a great year for the Northern Folkway.


Acorn Hollow: an Odinist education resource

We thought we should share this useful website with the readers of this site. There is plenty of information relevant for both homeschooling and other families.


New book on Odinism available now

Our friend Osred has written a book on Odinism. It is available to order direct from the publisher now.

Essentially, after death each soul experiences whatever is required in order for it to proceed to a higher level.

Odinism impels us on the upward path to the next stage of our spiritual and physical progress. Not everyone is capable of accepting this challenge, but those of us who are not afraid of change should read this book. 

Osred follows in the tradition of earlier Australian Odinist leaders, pioneers and artists such as Rud Mills, Evelyn Price, Annie Lennon, Norman Lindsay, Kenneth Slessor and Rayner Hoff, as he now relates the eternal Odinist quest of our people to the 21st century. 

The front cover image is of the ‘Double Helix’ nebula at the heart of the Milky Way, which resembles the shape of our basic genetic replicating mechanism. This nebula was discovered in 2006, and it is unique – all other nebulae are either spiral or formless. This one shows the highest degree of order yet discovered in space, and therefore reflects the will to perfection of the timeless gods and goddesses of our Indo-European people.


Dark Green Romanticism

by the Tasmanian National-Anarchists

The recent revelations demolishing the consensus on ‘manmade global warming’ have done immense damage to the cause of ecology. These scandals are a direct result of the hijacking of the environmental movement by the extreme Left (and please note, by ‘Left’ we refer exclusively to the globalist Left, not the old fashioned left which just wanted a fair go for the worker). The Left hitched its wagon to the ‘manmade warming’ theory because it appeared to give them a perfect excuse to bring about their cherished aim of global governance. As a result, ecology has been reduced to a matter of ‘carbon emissions’.

But now even Phil Jones, the top level scientist who advised the UN on climate matters, has gone on record admitting there has been no warming in the last fifteen years:

Meanwhile, in Germany, the Greens Party seems to have abandoned its concern for the natural world, instead focussing its attention on politically correct enterprises like supporting the bombing of Belgrade (all those Serbs had to be killed for ‘humanitarian’ reasons, according to German Green leaders).

The green movement, which started with noble intentions, has clearly been subverted from within by globalists. It is now time for genuine environmentalists to examine where their movement is headed, and to assess how much damage has been done by these Leftist infiltrators.

In our view, the hijacking of the ecology movement by the Left has done massive amounts of damage, not only in terms of the reduction of ecology to phony statements about ‘carbon emissions’, but also by alienating the common folk from the movement by hitching environmentalism to currents which most people don’t agree with (e.g. ‘progressivist’ causes, and increased statism).

Strength and Beauty

The truth is, we need wilderness areas not because they function as utilitarian ‘carbon sinks’ (a disgusting term) but because they enable us to transcend the mundane. We need a non-human world of beauty and terror for warriors and dreamers to lose themselves in.

Environmental aesthetics shouldn’t just extend to wilderness areas, however. They are equally important in the human environment. Towns and villages, too, are ecosystems, with both human and natural elements. Ecology means opposing the sterile, cosmopolitan ugliness of our modern cities, and replacing this with meaningful and beautiful folkish architecture which is unique to each place, thereby rejecting the internationalism which makes London look like Sydney look like Paris look like Madrid.

It also means destroying corporate advertising billboards.

Famed Tasmanian wilderness photographer Olegas Truchanas once asked: “Is there any reason why the idea of beauty could not become part of government policy?” Unfortunately this can never happen under the current liberal system, because liberalism regards the idea of ‘beauty’ as deeply suspect, perhaps even as ‘fascist’.

The Many-Too-Many

Most of our environmental problems stem, directly or indirectly, from the one cause: overpopulation.

Overpopulation is not merely a threat to quality of life, either – it also exacerbates the danger of global tyranny by promoting large scale societies, more easily brought under control by a centralised world government. Although population levels in the Western world are starting to decline, in the so-called ‘Third World’ they are booming. Perhaps the best way to combat overpopulation is by supporting movements to promote birth control in the Third World.

But quantity isn’t the only concern. Quality is just as important, and humans in the West are becoming more stupid and slovenly with each generation. Television and the liberal education system are dumbing down the populace like never before.

Guillaume Faye observed that “the technocratic civilisation operates an intense selective pressure in favour of human types who are oriented towards such dispositions as economic aggression, submission to doctrine, devotion to certain norms of physical comfort and so forth. Such a pressure is genetically deleterious.”

So how can we reverse this genetic, mental and spiritual decline, without the use of governments or coercion?

Only through a new spirituality…

‘Let us be wild! Let us be pagans!’

Paganism needs to be reclaimed from the Wiccan stereotypes (Wicca isn’t paganism, it’s a feminised version of Judeo-Christianity with a Goddess instead of a God). Real paganism is folkish, and folkish spirituality goes hand in hand with environmentalism. Preserving the health of the folk is just as important as preserving the health of the ecosystem.

Environmentalism was created in Europe in the 19th century, not by globalists or communists, but by FOLKISH NATIONALISTS. Many of these early environmentalists supported the Nation State, but in our own time nationalists should directly oppose the State, because the State (acting as an arm of globalism) is crushing regional identities all over the world.

To be a nationalist today means supporting the struggle of ALL tribes and nations to maintain their identity in the face of globalist monoculture.

Gerhard Petak from the band Allerseelen wrote: “Folkish is today a dangerous word. Like the words home, roots, loyalty it is situated in the cross wires of an omnipresent brainwashing. Those who use this word are pushed close to the Third Reich. But the foreign policy of the Third Reich was not folkish at all. The principle that the peoples were different, but equal of birth, was not taken into consideration.”

Petak also believes that scientific developments and technology cannot be undone, for better or worse. It may be possible for some individuals to lead a luddite lifestyle, but technology itself can never be abolished. Instead, it must be transcended:

“Tradition and future, spirituality and technology, wisdom and science, mythos and logos have to meet without fighting, destroying each other. That is the difficulty, the art of alchemy. A green paganism has to be conservative avant garde, in some areas conservative, in others revolutionary.”

Which way forward?

Greens must begin by rejecting their support for open borders immigration, which only benefits the capitalists they claim to oppose. The fact that so many greens sympathise with the Left is remarkable, given the bad track record of Communist regimes towards the environment.

Ecologists also need to adopt a more warrior outlook – that is the only way they will ever get respect from the public. Steve Irwin had a warrior demeanour and was greatly respected, even by those who hate ‘greenies’ and ‘ferals’. Germaine Greer, on the other hand, attacked Irwin after his death (for this very trait) but is not well loved. Ironically (given Greer’s feminist views), more women would sympathise with Steve Irwin than they would with her.

Joe Sixpack has come to see the green movement as the provenance of dreadlocked, arrogant communists. To counter this, the green movement as a whole must cut its ties to the Left, and instead forge ties with national revolutionary groups who believe in genuine self-sufficiency. It must also attempt to build better ties with ordinary people.

The creation of smaller groups of activists and thinkers, people who are already on equal terms, is probably the best way to go (to avoid the ego clashes and ‘messiah complexes’ so common in politics). Large movements are open to Leftist or government infiltration. Think small.

And finally, while the green movement’s rejection of modern society is understandable (given how shallow that society is in many regards), greens must not be blinded to human potential. Man and nature have their own spheres, but they aren’t rigidly separate. The spheres are interlinked materially through the common biosphere, and culturally through the inspiration wild nature has always provided for artists, poets and philosophers. We owe nature a duty of care first and foremost because we owe ourselves a duty of care.

Heidegger wrote that the role of mankind is “to enable the earth to bring forth a world.” That is the eternal Faustian quest which Western man must engage with, or die.

The only alternative is the triumph of materialism.

In other words: the triumph of the Left.


Euthanasia – A Heathen Perspective

Given the current euthanasia debate in Tasmania, our readers may be interested to read this piece by Ota, which looks at euthanasia from an Odinist (that is, heathen/pagan) perspective…

This originally appeared in the Odinist magazine Renewal, and is reprinted here with permission of the author. For a free sample issue of Renewal, please send a stamp to PO Box 4333, University of Melbourne, Victoria, 3052.

by Ota

Ketil “Flat-Nose” was a powerful lord in 9th century Norway.  He married Yngvild, and they had five children – the most brilliant of whom was a daughter known as Unn “the Deep-Minded”.

After a long and adventurous life, which is described in several sagas, Unn “was growing weary with old age”.  She arranged a sumptuous wedding feast for her kinsfolk.

On the first night, after welcoming her many guests, Laxdaela Saga tells us “Unn rose to her feet and said that she was now retiring to her bed-chamber: she urged them all to enjoy themselves in whatever way they each thought best, and ordered ale to be served to the whole company.  It is said that Unn was tall and stoutly-built.  She walked briskly down the length of the hall, and those present remarked on how stately she still was.

“There was drinking all that evening until it was thought time to go to bed.  Next morning Olaf Feilan went to his grand-mother’s bedroom.  When he entered Unn was sitting propped up against the pillows; she was dead.  Olaf went back into the hall and announced the news: everyone thought it most impressive how Unn had kept her dignity to her dying day.”

Wouldn’t most of us love to go out that way?  Still “stately”, still dignified, and listening to our loved ones out in the feast-hall having a great party?

We don’t know how Unn managed her timing.  Perhaps with her renowned iron will she forced herself to keep going until the wedding feast was clearly a success, then relaxed.  Perhaps she took her own life with some poison – although there is nothing in the saga to suggest that.

I am not aware of any clear reference to female suicide in the sagas.  Male suicide, on the other hand, was common.  Except that the guys didn’t take their own lives.  Instead, they challenged some other, more powerful, guy or guys and were then inevitably killed.

It was a bit like the modern Australian phenomenon that has been called “suicide-by-cop”, in which a young man deliberately tricks police into fatally shooting him.  Not a very pleasant way to arrange things, either for the victim or the poor cops who are forced to dispatch him.  (Do they get the jitters whenever they are again placed in a similar, pseudo-threatening situation?  I would.)

It would be so much more cleaner, so much nicer, so much more Odinist, if we could just go out when we were ready, like Unn the Deep-Minded.

And we could, if it weren’t for the un-clean and decidedly not-nice Christians.

In June 1996 the government of Australia’s Northern Territory made doctor-assisted suicide legal.  We were the first civilised nation in modern times to legislate for “death with dignity”.  It didn’t last long.  Only four terminally-ill patients were allowed to make use of this law before it was overturned by the federal Government, which caved in to immense pressure from the Catholic Church.

Opinion polls show that the majority of Australians want to die at a time of their own choosing.  The polls also show that most people aren’t as worried by the pain of a terminal illness as they are of the consequent loss of dignity: the closing down of one or more of their senses, the loss of control of their bladder and bowel functions, the helplessness, the delirium, the bedsores, the smell … In short, the fact that they are forced to stay alive when life has become intolerable to anyone with any sense of self-respect.

Despite the popular support in Australia for voluntary euthanasia, the Christians are implacably opposed to it.  In South Australia four separate bills supporting “death with dignity” have been introduced by the Democrats.  None succeeded.  In Western Australia a Democrat has introduced a voluntary euthanasia bill four times into the state’s parliament, but it has never even been brought up for debate.  In Queensland the state branch of the ALP has called on the ALP government to introduce voluntary euthanasia legislation.  Some Chance!

Now Australia has lost its chance to lead the world in both democracy and dignity.  Holland, evidently a far more civilised nation, has recently legalised mercy killing and doctor-assisted suicides, and has even begun training 500 doctors to advise their colleagues on the legal and practical niceties.

Most Dutch doctors and 90% of the Dutch people support the voluntary euthanasia legislation.  The bill was opposed only by the Christian Democrats and (surprise surprise!) three small “religious right” parties.

Prior to this new legislation doctors could be, and were, prosecuted for showing a final kindness to their terminally ill patients.  One such doctor was Aycke Smook, an experienced cancer surgeon.  Eventually acquitted after a prosecution lasting three years, he now admits to having helped 95 patients die.  “In my opinion it’s a normal medical act,” he is reported to have said.  “It’s the last treatment you can give to patients.”

He tells the story of a former professional footballer dying of bowel cancer.  The patient was in acute pain, couldn’t eat, needed tubes inserted through his nose to suck out stomach fluids, and was covered with bedsores.  He approached Dr Smook for relief.  They arranged a day.  When the time came he had his hair cut and his moustache trimmed, and then said “Now I am decent to go.  Now it’s my time.”  According to Dr Smook, “He died with a smile on his face.  It was a very fine occasion because he knew what he wanted.  He died peacefully and his daughter was delighted her father’s suffering was over.”

It is hard to imagine just how much worse it must have been for that former athlete than for the rest of us.  To have been a star sportsman, and then to be reduced to little more than a life-size bedsore, fed and evacuated with tubes … hideous!

But here in Australia that dying athlete’s unimaginable sufferings could not be ended in such a humane way.  The Christians would not and will not allow death with dignity.  They believe on religious grounds that we do not have the right to dispose of our own lives.  It is not for us, they say, to decide the time and manner of our going.  No, in their blind, uncaring arrogance they claim that these are matters to be determined by their ghastly god, and him alone.

There are no prizes for guessing who suffers the most from this intransigence.  It’s the same group that always cops the worst deal from Christianity, the group that, deep down in its hate-filled core, Christianity despises most: women.

As in all cultures founded by people of Odinist ancestry, women in Australia live longer than men.  Statistically, a dying man is likely to have his wife or female partner with him at the end, to comfort him, to do the little special things that he needs, to reassure him that their affairs beyond the palliative care ward are still being tended.

Then, after a few years, the woman dies.  If she’s lucky she might have children who can help in some ways – but not the ways she helped the man in her life.  Often she dies alone, like an abandoned old dog.

This is yet another reason why the Sisterhood should turn their anger against Christianity, rather than men.  But trust me: they won’t.

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